Healing Writing


Have you been longing your whole life to be fully understood by another human?



Do you wish to be held with warmth and care by someone you can trust?



Are you needing much much gentleness because you are very sensitive ?



Do you have an inner child who is hurt and scared to come out,

yet yearning to see the light of day again?



Do you feel like bathing in healing words, through a private exchange with Annemie?



It's possible!!



"Dear Annemie,


Your deep listening and connecting

abilities have created

an absolutely safe place for me to share.


This is no small thing.


I have been looking for such safety

and loving presence for...

maybe all my life.


You feel like a friend, a sister,

a mother, a wise guide -

you fulfill the missing parts of those roles for me and then magic is allowed to happen!


With much gratitude and love, dear Annemie."

Laura xx


(Laura Merryweather, Surrey, UK)


Here you can find an excerpt from my book, "Gentle, gentle for you"


My book tells the story of the healing friendship between a young insecure woman, Lara, and an older wise woman, Yorinde.


Reading this excerpt can give you a clear taste of what Healing Writing with me will look like. (Please note that the emails I will send you will be much longer than the letters in my book!)


FREE try-it-out email!


Do you long to receive such warm words,

completely attuned to you,

about a theme of your choice?


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These are themes I'm very familiar with:


  • developing Self-Love
  • insecurity
  • loneliness
  • highly sensitivity as a blessing
  • wounded inner child
  • birth trauma
  • struggles with catholicism
  • finding your place in the world


Other themes are welcome too.


If you like your free try-it-out email and want more,

you can book a sequence of emails with me.


Price: 97 $ per sequence of 3 (long) emails


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"Annemie has a special gift.


I do not know another person

who is so impressively writing,

truly finding the RIGHT words.


I felt held, understood,

supported by her and... healed.


This gift I will never forget

and still brings loads of tears to my eyes.


I thank you dear Annemie

and it means so much to me

to know you are out there."


Melanie Irger in Irschenberg, Germany.