About Annemie


Email me at: welcome@annemienijs.com

I have dedicated my life to finding healing in my own heart and to then offering my love and insights to other people. Guiding people to find and develop their Self-Love is my passion.


At age 17, I had chronic fatigue and undiagnosed depression. Everything in my life fell apart and I turned inside to listen to my heart, to find out what was going on. I've been on a journey of healing and growing ever since, and writing has been a key component of it. I eventually started writing with other people as well and realized I have a gift for helping other people heal through the warmth and support of my writing.


My own unique journey lead me to create and find 3 part-time jobs that are perfectly suited for me:


1. Music school: When I was 22 I co-founded an alternative music school. In this music school, called Harteklop (which translates as Heartbeat), children and adults get the space to learn and explore music at their own pace, in their own way. There is freedom to learn musical theory or to find other ways of musical exploration. I run this non-profit organisation together with a great team of passionate musicians. The music school is located in Ghent, Belgium.

2. Self-Love Coach in Parenting For Wholeness: I was asked by Eliane Sainte-Marie, founder of Parenting For Wholeness, to start working for her amazing company, dedicated both to coaching parents to raise whole children ánd to inner growth and healing. For me Parenting For Wholeness feels like home, as this company is built on respect, care, self-responsibility and true inner evolution. I created the Self-Love Program, a 2-month online coaching program to grow and develop your Self-Love. Check out our work at www.coachingforwholeness.com !


3. Aylana: Songwriting: Since I was 16 I'm a songwriter, expressing myself through music and finding healing and transformation in the process. In my first music band Ziel-2-Ziel (translates as Soul-To-Soul) I sang and played multiple instruments. You can request your free copy of my debut album! Click here for more info on this.


But with time I realised that my real talent is writing the songs, not performing them, so now I have founded a new music band, Aylana, with Eva Van Leuven as the lead singer and other great musicians. We're currently in the early stages of rehearsals. Send us an email if you want to hear our music when we're ready to share it!

In details


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